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As a farm, one of our primary goals is to grow healthy food with minimal impact to our land. By adhering to organic practices we can produce wholesome food without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. But "organic farming" is really so much more than using organic seeds and avoiding the use of chemicals. The spirit of organic agriculture includes the concept of long term sustainability of our land and farming practices. Organic farming is not only better for us as consumers but it is also better for the land and the environment!

At East Fork Farm, we use the concept of polyculture - planting many different plant species, often interspersed amongst each other. All of our irrigation is achieved with passive rainwater catchment and we only use organically derived insect deterrents. We also utilize soil building practices such as companion planting, crop rotation, heavy mulching, composting, and winter cover crops. These practices encourage the fauna and flora of the soil as well as improving soil structure and nutrients. In turn, these practices reduce the pressure from insect pests and weeds.

If you visit the average organic family farm, you will notice a buzz of animal and insect activity. There will be trees and shrubs (versus clear cut land) and probably some weeds growing to seed just because other tasks have taken priority. There will likely be small groups of chickens or goats or cows that are not confined to concrete surfaces or buildings. At East Fork Farm we want to take special care to give back to the land by increasing the beauty and biodiversity with organic and sustainable techniques. In doing so, our market customers and CSA members can feel confident they are not only receiving a healthy wholesome product but also supporting farming practices in our community that are designed to minimize negative impact on the land!

We are creating a place that our community and visitors can gather for a weekend vacation or a special event. As we grow, we are planning our development with conservation of the land in mind. We are planting native tree species as wind breaks and discussing options to avoid erosion along the river bank. We have allowed the brush along the property lines to flourish, creating habitat and food sources for thousands of song birds and many other small creatures. Planting native wildflowers in the lower field this spring will provide food to our hungry bees as well as support wild bees in our region.


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cabbage, carrots, collards, hot peppers, kale, lettuce, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet corn


We are currently accepting a limited number of CSA members for 2016. Our crop plan is designed to deliver a box of produce to members each week for 24 weeks this year. The cost is $600 for whole CSA share and $300 for a half CSA share. Pick up location for CSA boxes will be on Saturdays at the Transylvania Farmer's Market. If you are interested please submit the following form so we can contact you to discuss the details. Thanks! We are excited to share our garden with you and your family. Although it's not required, we encourage members to come out to the garden and get your hands dirty!

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