About Winged Elm Farm

WE JUST CELEBRATED 20 YEARS ON THE FARM! We work hard to adhere to sustainable practices, which means we maintain and improve our pastures using natural fertilization and minimally invasive farming techniques. When the weather cooperates, we grow and bale all of our own hay. We keep bees, because we understand their critical function in pollination and we love the honey. We raise a flock of roaster-fryers once a year, and we offer eggs and fresh produce (greens, broccoli and cauliflower, etc.) seasonally. We grow out feeder pigs 1-2 times a year. They live in the woods or in large paddocks, with shelter from the weather, and they do what pigs like to do best: eat natural grains and fresh produce, wallow, play, sleep, and snuffle for bugs, worms, acorns, and other edibles. We also keep a flock of Katahdin sheep, and they and their lambs spend their days in the pastures and their nights in the barn. All in all, it's a great existence for both livestock and caretakers of Winged Elm Farm. We invite you to come see for yourself. (Ask us about volunteering!) And be sure to subscribe at to get notices when farm products are available. We sell pork as a half or whole; we sell lamb as a whole only.


Physical Address

1285 Sweetwater Rd
Philadelphia TN
(Roane County)

Phone (865) 717-6222
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Business Contact

Brian Miller
Phone: (865) 717-6222
Cell: (865) 323-2282
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Artisan Foods

Meat, Fish & Fowl
chicken, duck, lamb, pork

cabbage, lettuce, mustard greens, swiss chard


Our Farm Offers:

Meeting and petting the animals, leisurely walks through the hardwood forest to the "back forty," group tours

Visitor Activies:

guided farm tours


Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Pasture Raised, Humanely Raised, Free Range