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The Farmer's Hands is Asheville's one and only Farm to Table Cooking School offering hands on cooking classes and 100% locally sourced, from their two acre farm. Sebastiaan and Ariel Zijp met through their love of old-time music festivals, cooking, farming and adventures. They fell in love and bought a 150 year old farm house on 2 acres in the mountains of Madison County, North Carolina. They tilled up their lawn, built garden beds, planted flowers, herbs, fruit trees and vegetables and started raising chickens, ducks, rabbits and honeybees. They pride themselves on following sustainable and organic practices and living and learning from the land. Through this growing interest in the simple life, they formed The Farmer's Hands Homestead.

Sebastiaan was born in Africa to Dutch parents, went to culinary school in Vancouver and was a professional chef in NYC for 8 years. Deciding to change paths he moved to Asheville, NC and started a homestead with his partner Ariel. Ariel was raised on a farm in Concord, NC by creative parents where she cultivated an interest in growing flowers, music, and art. She went to Warren Wilson College where she gathered a passion for Forestry, Agriculture and Herbal Studies. Currently she farms with Sebastiaan on their homestead and does Farmland Preservation work in the area.

Come and get your ticket to an amazing Farm to Table experience featuring NYC Executive Chef turned Farmer, Sebastiaan Zijp.

The event is served family style at long farm house tables outdoors at The Farmer's Hands Homestead, a 150 year old farm house and farmstead. Nearly 100 percent of the food served is sourced right from this 2 acre homestead! Together with his wife Ariel, Sebastiaan creates a unique and delicious event that helps you come back to the land and treat yourself to a farm to table community experience.

Sebastiaan’s passion is food. He grew up in his parents kitchen, helping cook and keeping them entertained with stories, tales, and jokes. As he grew older he was able to help cook more and entertain while in the kitchen. Sebastiaan makes his home kitchen feel like his parents kitchen; full of warmth, laughter, love, and of course, food. This is where his love for food started, in a kitchen, at the heart of his home, with family and friends around, all telling jokes and stories.


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605 Phillips Valley Rd
Mars Hill NC
(Madison County)

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Sebastian Zijp
Phone: (646) 415-2898
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Ariel Dixon
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Sebastiaan Zijp
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We purchase from the following

Farms in this Guide

Three Graces Dairy Root Bottom Farm


Artisan Foods
jam, preserves

dried flowers, fresh flowers, edible flowers

Specialty Products
medicinal herbs, hops




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    Our Farm Offers:

    A look into a small scale farm and homestead, as well as in depth knowledge about cooking the bounty of our local farms.

    Visitor Activies:

    farm dinner/events, classes/workshops, event venue (weddings, parties, festivals)


    We sell at the following tailgate markets:

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    West Asheville Tailgate Market River Arts District Farmers Market West Asheville Tailgate Holiday Market


    Organic (not Certified), GMO-Free, Humanely Raised, Permaculture