About Asheville Farmstead School

Asheville Farmstead School is a non-profit outdoor farm-based school designed to teach homesteading, natural sciences, life skills, sustainability, and agriculture to children and families. Asheville Farmstead is located on 25 acres of forested land tucked in a quiet cove 20 minutes from downtown Asheville. The goal of Asheville Farmstead is to connect students to an increased awareness of the natural world, the complexities of agriculture and the interrelations of living communities. We serve preschool youth, summer campers, schools, groups and nature-loving families. As part of our Farmstead, we are stewards of 2500 sq.ft. vegetable garden, pollinator and medicinal herb gardens. We also have 30 layer hens that free range our large field area. The children are fully involved in the garden and poultry tending, as part of their daily activities. As we expand our vegetable and egg production, Asheville Farmstead School plans to enter the local food market and offer goods to the local community.


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Lauren Brown
Executive Director
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Farm Tourism & Events
farm tours, educational programs for school children, festival, celebrations, summer camp


We sell at the following tailgate markets:

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Enka-Candler Tailgate Market