About Green Toe Ground Farm

The main body of our farm sits on a bend in the South Toe River. We are definitely not the first ones to coax a living from the sandy loam. We are always reminded of those who came before as we pick points and pottery from our soils, some thousands of years old. We grow six acres of Biodynamic vegetables in a scattering of soil types and fields, from sandy loam to clay loam. As a wife and husband team of Nicole DelCogliano and Gaelan Corozine we have been here since 2001, along with our two daughters. We started practicing biodynamic farming on the land in 2004. We feel it speaks to our philosophy and perspective of approaching our farm as a whole organism. Husbanding animals is also very important for us as we make our own Biodynamic compost from their manures .Farming is more than economics to us; it is a lifestyle and a culture that we strive for. Our two daughters have grown up from birth on our backs in the fields and we are immensely proud of that. : We grow vegetables of all kinds, a mix of heirlooms and hybrids, outdoors and in 3 high tunnels. We have worked hard to find which varieties work well for our land, but are always exploring new products. We use a 45 hp Kioti Tractor for bed preparation, primarily using a Imants spader. As inquisitive people we nurture an understanding and study of the land we farm on. All of our cultivation is done by hand with scuffle hoes or hand weeding. Over time we have seen our weed load lessen along with disease pressure and now we have cut back severely on supplemental watering. Believing that good veggies taste better when they have to work a little to get what they need. We market 9- 11 months a year, selling at the oldest market in Asheville, North Asheville Tailgate Market and Asheville City Market.


Physical Address

534 Grindstaff Road
Burnsville NC
(Yancey County)

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(Yancey County)

Phone (828) 284-7715
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Business Contact

Nicole DelCogliano
Phone: (828) 675-0171
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Business Contact

Gaelan Corozine
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Nicole DelCogliano
Phone: (828) 675-0171
Cell: (828) 284-7715
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Online Ordering:

We are offering online ordering for pickup at North Asheville tailgate or the new ASAP Farmers market. We are also offering local farm pickups on Wednesdays. Please order by no later than: Thursday 10 pm for Saturday pickup Monday 10 pm for Wednesday pickup We have to harvest on Friday and Tuesday am , so if you order after the window, I won't be able to harvest correctly. You can buy a Market CSA share with a gift card on our site and then you will have a store credit and can order items week to week until your credit runs out!



COVID-19 Pickup Options:

During Covid 19, we will be offering on farm pickup and at our markets in North Asheville tailgate and ASAP farmers market all of which are following CDC guidelines. The on farm pickup will be a drive up arrangement. All payments are digital if you use the website. At market, they will be digital as well via Square or Venmo/ paypal. Email us to be put on email list for available products.



dried flowers, fresh flowers

Fruits & Berries
blackberries, black raspberries

fresh herbs

Specialty Products
Christmas wreaths, decorative, floral wreaths

arugula, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chinese greens, collards, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, green onions, kale, lettuce, onions, peas, potatoes, radish, salad greens, salad mix, spinach, sweet peppers, sweet potato, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, summer squash, winter squash


We are offering a new Market Share CSA in response to Covid 19. Market share CSA: THESE MUST BE PURCHASED WITH OUR GIFT CARD OPTION AT TOP OF OUR ONLINE STORE. This gives you store credit so you can select items you want each week online and pick them up at farm or at market. If you pay with your own credit card, you WON'T have store credit and the ability to pick items week to week online. Then we'd just give you what there is. The CSA will start May 15th. This does not have a timeframe constraint, but lasts as long as your credit lasts. You can repurchase when that runs out.

Pick Up Spots

ASAP AB Tech market North Asheville tailgate on farm


EBT/SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
WIC FMNP (Farmers Market Nutrition Program)
Senior FMNP (Farmers Market Nutrition Program)


We're listed in ASAP's Wholesale Local Food Guide, ASAP's Farm to Business Trade Directory.

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During Covid 19, we will be offering on farm pickup. Email us to be put on email list for available products.

Our store is open from April 15, 2020 to December 19, 2020.

Store Hours

  • Wed. 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Our Farm Offers:

Farm Dinners at selected dates, On farm camping: book through Hipcamp, Tents on the Toe

Visitor Activies:

farm dinner/events, classes/workshops, event venue (weddings, parties, festivals)

Businesses Supplied

Find our product at the following businesses:

In the ASAP directory

The Blackbird Restaurant Farm Burger Rhubarb
  • Smoky Park Supper Club
  • Benne


We sell at the following tailgate markets:

In the ASAP directory

North Asheville Tailgate Market Asheville City Market ASAP Farmers Market


Organic (not Certified), GMO-Free, Pasture Raised, Biodynamic, Humanely Raised


Camping on Hipcamp

We have 3 camping sites and a small rustic cabin to rent through Hip Camp